Regenerated air cooler / intercooler DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2125897

OE Number:


Index Arcoore – AC030525897R
Warranty – 12 months



190 €

The deposit is a security for the return of the old part, the parts will be regenerated again. For the sake of your time, we give you the regenerated product. After the old part is complete, we will refund the entire deposit to your account number

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The offer includes a regenerated air cooler / intercooler for DAF XF 106 euro 6 from 2018.


OE numbers:


Use in vehicles:
DAF XF 106;
DAF XF 106 Euro 6;


A replacement with a very good quality of workmanship.
The product is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Air cooler DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2125897 – specification


The intercooler is the cooler of the air transferred from the compressor to the cylinder. The purpose of using these elements is to increase the efficiency of the drive unit. Since it is an air-cooled radiator, the material it is made of should be the best possible heat conductor in order for the airflow outside the radiator to cool the system with adequate efficiency. Hence, most of the rails are made of aluminum.

Nowadays, the use of an intercooler is already common in supercharged engines, whether it is mechanical or turbo supercharged.

Intercooler DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2125897 – principle of operation and function


The intercooler, or charge air cooler, works in a similar way to the fluid cooler. The air leaving the compressor goes to a thick pipe, from where it is transferred to the radiator, which is cooled with atmospheric air (hence its location near the front bumper). The air that gives off heat in the intercooler finally goes to the cylinder. It is worth noting that what makes an intercooler different from a liquid cooler is the lack of fans.

Air cooler DAF XF 106 Euro 6, OE 2125897 – faults and damage


The location of the intercooler in the front part of the car plays a very important role in its efficiency. Intercoolers are not shielded as this would significantly restrict airflow. Hence, they are mainly exposed to mechanical damage, which may be the result of, for example, a stone impact, which flakes from under the wheels of the vehicle driving in front. Other faults are leakages, which cause atmospheric air to enter the charge cooler and, consequently, also to the cylinder. A malfunctioning charge air cooler will cause problems with the engine running, such as jerking, difficulty accelerating, and power loss.


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