DAF truck parts

Your freight forwarding, logistics or transport company’s fleet consists of DAF vehicles? Are you looking for spare parts to restore your car to full working order? Take advantage of the Arcoore offer. In our assortment you will find new and reconditioned DAF car parts, such as intercoolers, liquid coolers, AGR / EGR recirculators, NOx sensors and turbochargers. Explore the Arcoore offer and find DAF parts to get your fleet up and running again.


DAF – Dutch trucks, appreciated all over Europe

DAF is an abbreviation behind which is the name of the creators of the Dutch truck brand, the van Doorne brothers (Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek). The company was founded in 1928 when Huub van Doorne opened his car repair shop. Before World War II, in cooperation with his brother, he started a trial production of trucks for the army. From 1949, the company dealt mainly with the production of trailers, but its success is associated primarily with trucks.

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DAF vehicles

DAF offers trucks that are designed for transport over various distances. For this purpose, the manufacturer’s portfolio includes the following series vehicles:

XG; XG + – the latest generation designed for long-distance transport;

XF – intended for long-distance transport;

CF – suitable for medium and short distance transport;

LF – created with city and regional distribution in mind.

DAF also produces respected city buses and coaches that guarantee all passengers a high level of comfort for traveling and moving around the city.


Which DAF car parts can you find in Arcoore?

At Arcoore, we make every effort to bring DAF trucks and other brands back to full working order. We specialize in the sale of new parts and the regeneration of damaged elements of DAF vehicles, responsible for the proper operation of the drive unit and the reduction of harmful substances and exhaust emissions to the atmosphere.

DAF radiators

The function of the liquid cooler is to ensure proper heat transfer in the engine. Only uninterrupted operation of this element will guarantee that the drive unit will be able to work properly even on a long journey. Due to their location and delicate structure, liquid coolers are often subject to mechanical damage. Hence, Arcoore’s offer includes precisely these elements, intended for DAF vehicles.

DAF turbochargers

The operation of the turbocharger is necessary to make driving more economical and ecological. In addition, the engine operation is more stable and smoother, which also translates into comfort and efficiency of driving. Thanks to the Arcoore offer, you can install an efficient turbocharger in your DAF vehicle.

DAF intercoolers

Air coolers supply the engine with cooler and hence denser air. As a result, the work of the drive unit becomes much more effective.

DAF NOx sensors

The function of NOx sensors in DAF vehicles is to measure harmful nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. Malfunctioning NOx sensors will not allow to achieve the optimal proportions of the air-fuel mixture, so not only will the exhaust gas contain too much harmful substances, but also the operation of the power unit will not be optimal.

DAF EGR / AGR Recirculators

DAF exhaust gas recirculators introduce an appropriate amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber, which makes the engine work more efficient and the exhaust gas contains less harmful substances.

AdBlue pumps DAF

The function of these parts is to force AdBlue into the injectors or dispensers located in the car’s catalytic converter, i.e. 32% urea solution, thanks to which the exhaust gas contains less harmful substances, i.e. nitrogen oxides. Thanks to the use of AdBlue pumps, cars can meet modern emission standards.

Why is it worth buying DAF car parts in Arcoore?

At Arcoore, we offer new and reconditioned DAF car parts. Each of the elements guarantees the original functional properties of the factory-fitted parts, which allows the vehicles to be restored to full technical efficiency. Moreover:

– OEM numbers on each product page help you find the correct part for your DAF vehicle model;

– all items are carefully checked for quality before shipment;

– we carefully protect each shipment against damage in transit.


Do you need to get the DAF vehicles in your fleet back to full working order? The DAF auto parts offer from Arcoore is one of the best options.


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