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Thanks to Arcoore’s offer, you can easily replace damaged parts in the vehicles of your company fleet, including: trucks, buses and construction and agricultural machines. One of the categories of replaceable parts are automotive VTG controllers. Check what controllers you can find in our offer and see why it is worth choosing the parts available at Arcoore.


What are VTG valves?


VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) valves are one of the most important elements of turbochargers used in today’s combustion engines.
Traditional turbochargers use fixed blade geometry, which means the angle of the blades is constant. In this case, the turbocharger performs well under certain conditions, but its efficiency decreases as the engine load changes. Therefore, car manufacturers began to use VTG valves to increase the flexibility of engine operation and reduce emissions of harmful substances.


Causes of failure of VTG controllers


Contamination: VTG actuators are often exposed to contaminants such as soot or oil particles. The accumulation of these substances may lead to obstruction in the movement of the actuator elements, which ultimately results in failure.


Improper Lubrication: VTG actuators require proper lubrication for smooth operation. Lack of or improper lubrication can lead to wear of moving parts and increase the risk of failure.


Excessive Exhaust Pressure: VTG actuators operate in a high exhaust pressure environment. If exposed to excessive pressure, mechanical damage may occur, leading to failure.


Corrosion: In areas with severe weather conditions, VTG controllers can be subject to corrosion, especially if they are not made of appropriate materials or are not regularly inspected and maintained.


Vibrations and Shocks: Long-term vehicle operation in difficult conditions, such as driving on uneven roads or engine vibrations, may lead to mechanical wear of the VTG adjusters.


Electronic Faults: VGT actuators are also electronically controlled. Failures in the vehicle’s electronics control system, such as problems with pressure sensors or control electronics, can lead to incorrect operation of the actuators.


Age and Wear: Every mechanical component is subject to natural wear and tear over time. Older VTG controllers, especially if not regularly maintained, can fail due to normal wear and tear.


Electric controllers – see the Arcoore offer


Our offer of VTG controllers for trucks, buses and other specialized machines includes high-quality replaceable parts that will restore the efficiency of your vehicle fleet and increase the comfort, safety and profitability of its operation. Regardless of the brand of vehicle you have, you can find the necessary controllers here or contact us to ask about the availability of parts for specific models.

Arcoore offers electric controllers for cars of various years and meeting specific emission standards – from Euro 4 to Euro 6.


New and refurbished car actuators – choose quality


All controllers available at Arcoore are parts that guarantee full technical and operational properties. We offer new or regenerated electrical controllers, which our specialized experts restore their original properties using high-class materials.


Controllers for which vehicle brands and models can be found in Arcoore’s offer?


Arcoore’s offer includes electric controllers for vehicles of various brands, including the most common ones on the road, such as: Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Iveco, Ford, Volvo, Solaris, MAN, as well as brands producing specialized machines, including: Liebherr or Cummins.

Don’t see the drivers you’re looking for in our offer? Contact us and we will try to find the right parts.


Car controllers – why is it worth trusting Arcoore?


When you choose car controllers from the Arcoore offer, you can be sure that you are buying fully functional and functional car parts that will be compatible with your vehicle model. Each product page contains lists of OE numbers that can be easily compared to factory-installed part numbers. This means that the choice of controllers designed specifically for your truck or bus will not raise any doubts.

In addition, each controller is checked again for quality before shipment and protected against possible damage during transport. Thanks to this, you will receive the element from the courier fully assembled and ready for installation.

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