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Exhaust gas recirculation – EGR / AGR recirculation system

More and more restrictive regulations on the reduction of exhaust emissions by motor vehicles require manufacturers to install exhaust gas recirculation systems that reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere. However, the exhaust gas recirculation system often breaks down and requires replacement or regeneration – in Acoore you will find new or regenerated EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculation systems.

How does an EGR / AGR recirculator work?

The egr valve works by introducing a certain amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber of the engine. This procedure enables the initiation of several chemical processes, thanks to which the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (CH) and carbon monoxide (CO) present in the exhaust gas is reduced.
The role of the exhaust gas is to heat the fuel, which accelerates its evaporation. In the process of combustion of the fuel-air mixture, the flue gas replaces part of the oxygen present there, which is found in excess without a recirculator. This reduces the synthesis of nitrogen oxides. The presence of exhaust gases also contributes to the oxidation of the remaining hydrocarbon chains.

Exhaust gas recirculation – faults

Recirculators / egr coolers are most likely to fail due to contamination. They often cause the controls to be overloaded and not function properly. Another problem is the effect of exhaust gases on the EGR valve, thereby burning the material inside the valve.
The way to avoid problems with the EGR recirculation is to regularly service the car, use clean fuel or clean the engine of deposits. However, such practices are rare, which is why EGR unfortunately causes problems.

Symptoms of damaged EGR

A failure of the exhaust gas circulator / egr cooler should be signaled by the light coming on. Incorrect operation of the recirculator may be accompanied by:

Any problems that arise may also indicate faults in other vehicle components, therefore, during diagnostics, the recirculation check should not be omitted. It may turn out that this element will not work properly, and a wrong diagnosis will lead to the replacement of other, working parts.

Arcoore exhaust gas recirculation systems

Arcoore’s portfolio includes all EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculation models. The range includes largely remanufactured egr valves, but some models are also available as new parts. Models are available for:

Why is it worth taking advantage of the Arcoore offer?

We make sure that every detail in the final product is exactly the same as in the OEM recirculation – including valves, O-rings or shell-and-tube cooler. Before a part is shipped, we carefully check its quality and tightness. We pack the recirculators in such a way that they are carefully protected against damage.
Haven’t found the egr cooler for your vehicle? Contact us by e-mail at office@arcoore.com and provide its OE number. In the return message, you will receive information about its price, availability and delivery time.

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