MAN trucks parts

MAN trucks parts

The history of the MAN brand dates back to the 1850s, when the automotive industry was still out of the question, however, more and more complex industrial machines were used in steelworks. The breakthrough for the MAN brand was the invention of the diesel engine by Rudolf Diesel at the end of the 19th century. The MAN brand (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg – Nürnberg) was created from the merger of the Machine Building Society in Nuremberg and the Machine Plant in Augsburg, and eagerly invested in Rudolf’s diesel invention, using diesel engines in ships and locomotives.


Thanks to the Arcoore offer, which includes new and reconditioned MAN auto parts, you can restore the efficiency of your fleet, built from the vehicles of the German manufacturer.

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MAN trucks parts

Thanks to the offer of the Arcoore company, you can restore the efficiency of the MAN cars that your fleet is made of. We offer new and reconditioned parts for many models of MAN trucks and buses. Our offer includes:


MAN radiators 

Elements of the cooling system, responsible for maintaining an appropriate operating temperature of the engine;


MAN exhaust gas recirculators / EGR cooler 

parts that reintroduce the right amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber in order to reduce the content of the most harmful substances in the exhaust gases


MAN intercoolers 

air coolers ensure proper engine operation and allow to increase its performance;


NOx sensors 

their function is to control the most harmful compounds in the exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere, i.e. nitrogen oxides NOx;


 MAN turbochargers 

elements increasing engine performance and ensuring its smooth operation. 

AdBlue pumps 

 a device whose purpose is to reduce the emission of NOx, toxic and hazardous to health


About MAN vehicles

MAN is one of the most important and largest manufacturers of trucks, vans and buses. Due to the quality of workmanship, durability, functionality, the use of innovative technological solutions as well as the comfort and safety of driving, MAN vehicles are very often used in the construction of a fleet of forwarding, logistics, transport and passenger carriers.

MAN trucks

MAN is a manufacturer of several series of trucks that met the highest standards of comfort, quality and safety, guaranteed by technological innovations and the use of proven solutions.

  • MAN TGX – an efficient and economical truck series in which the driver’s comfort is an important aspect, guaranteed by the premium class cab. The 2021 MAN TGX was named International Truck of the Year.
  • MAN TG S – efficient cars for special tasks and working in difficult conditions.
  • MAN TGM / TGL – the successor to the MAN L2000 light trucks. Vehicles with a slim body design and economical but efficient engines.

MAN buses

The MAN brand portfolio includes a wide range of buses, both long-distance coaches as well as city buses and minibuses. As in the case of trucks, MAN buses are characterized by various solutions that allow them to be adapted to different needs. Moreover, the comfort of drivers and passengers is increased by technological innovations applied in them.

Buy MAN trucks parts from the Arcoore offer

In Arcoore you will find new and reconditioned MAN car parts, thanks to which you will restore the full technical efficiency of your fleet’s vehicles. Detailed product descriptions and OEM markings will allow you to easily find parts compatible with individual systems in your car.

Order MAN car parts from the Arcoore offer, and you will receive fully functional, compatible and ready-to-install elements, which we will check for quality and properly secure before shipment.

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