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Characteristics of the BPV valve

The By-Pass Valve, often referred to as BPV, is an important element of the supercharging system. It regulates the pressure in the charging system by controlling the outflow of excess compressed air. This valve is precisely calibrated to ensure optimal turbocharger performance and effective pressure control.


Principle of operation of the BPV valve

The BPV valve works on the principle of an overflow mechanism. When the pressure in the supercharging system reaches a certain level (determined depending on the configuration and operating conditions), the BPV valve opens automatically, allowing a controlled discharge of excess air to the outside. This allows you to quickly reduce the pressure in the supercharging system, while protecting the turbocharger against excessive load.

Advantages of the BPV valve

Improved Performance: The BPV valve allows for controlled outflow of excess air from the charging system, which translates into maintaining optimal pressure in the system. This allows you to achieve better engine efficiency, which is crucial for performance and fuel efficiency.

System Protection: The operation of the BPV valve protects the supercharging system from overload by controlled removal of excess air. This, in turn, helps avoid damage to the turbocharger and increases the durability and reliability of the system.

Minimization of delays: Thanks to the controlled air outflow, the BPV valve helps to minimize the so-called “turbo lag” effect, i.e. delay of the turbocharger response. This makes the response to the gas pedal immediate and smooth.

BPV Valve – Causes of Failure

Contamination: Accumulation of dirt or oil in the BPV valve mechanism may interfere with its operation.

Mechanical Damage: Vibration or mechanical damage may affect the precision of operation of the BPV valve.

Air Loss: A leak around the BPV valve can lead to a loss of pressure in the charging system.

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