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Are there EBS, BPV or EGR valve faults in your fleet vehicles or agricultural and construction machines? You can restore the efficiency of vehicles and machines thanks to a valve from the Arcoore offer. We offer new and regenerated valves, thanks to which trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machines will be able to ensure efficient and safe operation of your company. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of valves at Arcoore and choose parts that guarantee full technical and functional properties.

What are EBS valves?

EBS valves are essential elements of the entire system, the function of which is to monitor all essential components of the braking system, including, among others, braking synchronization in tractor-trailer sets and the degree of wear of brake linings.

EBS valves enable proper pressure control individually for each vehicle axle, as well as for the trailer, ensuring proper operation of the pneumatic reserve in all braking circuits.

What are BPV valves?

The By-Pass Valve, often referred to as BPV, is an important element of the supercharging system. It regulates the pressure in the charging system by controlling the outflow of excess compressed air. This valve is precisely calibrated to ensure optimal turbocharger performance and effective pressure control. It works on the principle of an overflow mechanism. When the pressure in the supercharging system reaches a certain level (determined depending on the configuration and operating conditions), the BPV valve opens automatically, allowing a controlled discharge of excess air to the outside. This allows you to quickly reduce the pressure in the supercharging system, while protecting the turbocharger against excessive load.

EGR valve/throttle

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) throttle is responsible for recirculating part of the exhaust gases from the exhaust system to the engine intake system. Its goal is to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are one of the main air pollutants emitted by vehicles. The throttle is equipped with a modulator that allows precise control of exhaust gas recirculation depending on current driving conditions and engine requirements.

The operation of the EGR valve is extremely complex. At low engine speeds, the modulator controls the opening of the EGR throttle, allowing more exhaust gases to be recirculated. As a result, the combustion temperature is lowered, resulting in reduced nitrogen oxide emissions. At high engine speeds, the modulator reduces the opening of the EGR throttle, reducing exhaust gas recirculation and providing greater engine power and flexibility.

Choose the quality of valves from Arcoore

We offer our customers new and refurbished valves that guarantee full functional and technical properties and are covered by a warranty. At Arcoore you can easily find valves compatible with your vehicle. This is all thanks to the fact that on each product page there are lists of OE numbers that can be compared with the numbers of factory-installed parts. Another convenience is the list of specific vehicle models in which given valves can be used.

All regenerated valves in our offer guarantee full functional and technical properties, which have been restored by qualified specialists. High-quality materials and elements were used for this purpose.

When ordering EBS, BPV, EGR valves and other types of valves at Arcoore, you can be sure that you will receive functional parts ready for installation in the vehicle. Before shipping, we check each element again for quality and efficiency, and carefully protect the shipment against damage during transport.

Valves in the Arcoore offer – for which vehicles?

Arcoore offers valves for trucks, passenger cars, buses, as well as agricultural, industrial and railway machines of all the most common vehicle brands on the road. These include Cummins, DAF, Ford, Iveco, Liebherr, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Solaris, Volvo, among others.

Our offer includes EBS, BPV, EGR valves and other valves for newer and older vehicle models that meet exhaust emission standards from Euro 3 to Euro 6.

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