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Gaskets for engines and gearboxes of trucks

The stability of individual systems in motor vehicles and machines for various purposes largely depends on their tightness. Hence, seals for engines and gearboxes play a significant role in ensuring the proper operation of these systems, achieving high performance and extending trouble-free operation.

At Arcoore, we have repair kits for trucks, consisting of gaskets that match the systems in vehicles of many brands. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and a selection of gaskets that will guarantee a high level of tightness of connections in drive units and gearboxes of various truck models.

Seals for trucks – functions

Gaskets for gearboxes and engines are designed to ensure the tightness of connections of individual parts of these systems in order to prevent leakage of operating fluids or the leakage of exhaust gases into those parts of the engine where they should not be present. Lack of tightness, caused by damaged or worn seals, will lead to leakage, which in turn may result in seizure of engine or gearbox components, which in turn would lead to costly repair, replacement of the entire system or scrapping of the vehicle.


In short, serviceable seals are intended to ensure a long service life and smooth operation of systems in vehicles and machines. Gaskets are used in places such as:


connections of individual elements of engines and gearboxes;

openings for the flow of oil and cooling liquid;

holes for bolts and other fasteners.

What is the risk of seals?

Seals are constantly exposed to high temperatures, chemical agents and other highly destructive factors, and this is simply caused by material fatigue. All these variables lead to the wear of the seals, which results in the aforementioned unsealing of the connections. The probability of unsealing increases when the temperature is too high and when driving in traffic jams frequently.

Signs of wear of the seals

Worn out seals will cause leakage of operating fluids. Depending on the location, it may have different symptoms. Serious faults can occur if the cylinder head gasket is worn. This results, inter alia, in the engine oil getting into the coolant. Driving with a worn cylinder head gasket can seize power unit components.

Arcoore truck seals

Our offer includes numerous repair kits for trucks of brands such as MAN, Scania, Mercedes and DAF. The range of specific vehicle models is very wide and includes not only popular models such as the Mercedes Actros, MAN TGX or Scania R, but also individual projects.


Arcoore’s offer includes both engine and gearbox gaskets. All of them are made of materials that guarantee long life and effective seals. The execution itself is characterized by due diligence and high precision.

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