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Arcoore’s task is to deliver the highest quality parts.Our main goal is the reliability of the products.


In our offer you will find EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculators, elements of cooling systems, liquid coolers, intercoolers and oil coolers for all trucks available on the European market such as MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, Ford or Scania. The automotive industry is not the only one in which we operate successfully.


Our clients also include other representatives of heavy industry.
Ecology is also a very important factor determining our activities, which is why we sell new and regenerated products.

We care about the details, because they determine success
We test all our products for their reliability
We care for our machine park. We invest in new technologies
We work with reputable suppliers from around the world

Precision of performance is the key. This allows us to ensure our customers about the delivery of reliable products!


We offer products for all trucks such as MAN, DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, Ford and Scania

Why it is worth to cooperate with us


Regeneration allows for a "second life" of parts while maintaining its original technical and functional properties. We care for ecology, cleaner air and reuse of used parts

Highest quality

All products have the necessary certificates and admissions for sale on the European market. Their service life has been checked under normal operating conditions

Satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 12-month warranty for every Arcoore product, we test all reconditioned and new elements to make sure that the element we deliver meets the highest expectations

Quick implementation

Cooperation with many couriers, high stock levels ensure rapid order processing. We are available by phone, e-mail or office numbers.

Our offer

Range of activities:

We specialize in liquid, oil, exhaust gas and air cooling systems. We offer new and regenerated products. We also have the option of regenerating DPF filters and catalysts.


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