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Today, a turbocharger is basically standard equipment on many cars, regardless of engine capacity, number of cylinders or the purpose of the vehicle – they were once the domain of sports cars only. In the event of improper use of turbochargers, their failure will unfortunately have a significant impact on the efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, an efficient turbocharger is a condition for the proper operation of the power unit. The replacement of the turbocharger is possible thanks to new or regenerated elements, which are available from Arcoore.

Arcoore turbochargers

Our company’s offer is used by forwarding companies and many other entities, as well as owners of various types of vehicles, which need to restore the technical efficiency of cars and machines or the entire fleet. Hence, Arcoore offers new and remanufactured turbines for various truck brands. Among them you will find devices for vehicles of such manufacturers as: MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes.

On each product page you will find detailed information on the technical specifications of each turbocharger and:
its compatibility with specific car models of a given brand;
– intended for vehicles of a given engine capacity and power;
the year of manufacture of the vehicle;
– OE numbers of the original parts, which will remove the final doubts about the compatibility of the parts with the vehicle.

Turbochargers – safe and secure shopping at Arcoore

At Arcoore, you can easily find a turbine compatible with your car’s power unit – you just need to carefully compare all the parameters that describe all the products, and any risk of buying the wrong part will be completely eliminated.
What’s more – before shipping, we carefully check the condition of the turbochargers, making sure that we send you a fully functional device, ready to be installed in the vehicle. In addition, each part is carefully packed, taking into account all safeguards to help prevent possible damage in transit.
Turbochargers available in the Arcoore offer are subject to even a 12-month warranty.

What is the regeneration of turbochargers?

Regeneration of turbochargers is nothing more than restoring these elements of the original vehicles, i.e. factory vehicles, with the features and properties that allow you to enjoy full efficiency and maximum performance of the engine. This can be achieved through the use of replaceable high-quality parts, as well as by carrying out the process in accordance with the art, the original parameters offered by the manufacturer, and with the use of professional machines and devices, guaranteeing high efficiency of all treatments that are necessary to restore the turbines to their properties.

Turbine regeneration – cost lower than buying a new one

Turbocharger faults always keep vehicle owners awake at night, as they expect high replacement costs. In the event of an emergency, the regeneration of the turbine will be a more advantageous solution – the price of regenerated turbochargers is always lower than that of new parts, but with the same quality.

Why is replacing a damaged turbocharger so important?

Thanks to turbochargers, driving is more economical, ecological and smoother. The main function of this element is to increase engine performance, but apart from that, it also contributes to reducing fuel consumption and reducing the amount of harmful compounds emitted into the atmosphere.

How to take care of a turbocharger?

Turbochargers are generally long-lasting components, but they have to operate under extreme conditions, especially when mishandled. The service life of these elements can be extended by using the vehicle responsibly and in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, remembering to regularly change the oil (taking into account its proper type) and replace the particulate filters.

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