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Mercedes-Benz car parts

The German brand Mercedes-Benz is associated with the reliability and high quality of its vehicles. In addition, it is this manufacturer that offers many innovative solutions, increasing safety and comfort of driving. The durability of passenger cars, trucks and other Mercedes-Benz vehicles allows them to be used for many years, the more that the Arcoore offer includes Mercedes car parts for various types of vehicles. Thanks to our offer, restore the efficiency of your fleet.

Mercedes car parts on offer from Arcoore – new and reconditioned

New and reconditioned Mercedes car parts are available at Arcoore. If there are older vehicles in your fleet for which parts are difficult to access, parts are reconstructed based on the manufacturer’s technical drawings and plans.
Part selection is easy with the exact description and numbers that correspond to the OEM parts. Thanks to this, you can be sure that each element will be compatible with the systems in your Mercedes vehicles.
Before shipment, we carefully inspect each part and then secure it against damage in transit. That is why you can be sure that every part that you receive in the package is a ready-to-install part for a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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Mercedes-Benz radiators

These types of Mercedes-Benz car parts are designed to maintain the correct operating temperature of the engine of Mercedes vehicles, and thus prevent seizure of parts of the drive unit, such as e.g. pistons. The coolers are quite durable and rarely fail, however, their fully efficient operation is essential for the proper operation of the engine. Therefore, the Arcoore offer includes Mercedes coolers for trucks and buses, among others for models such as: Actros, Arocs; Anton, Atego, BM; Citaro, Citaro O530, Cito, Conecto O345, Econic; Integro, Integro 550 H, Sprinter, Intouro M / L, Tourino, Tourismo, Travego.

Arcoore offers numerous liquid coolers for Mercedes-Benz cars

Mercedes exhaust gas recirculators; EGR cooler;

Exhaust gas recirculators are used to reduce the emission of harmful substances, such as nitrogen oxides, into the atmosphere. Their faults can affect the operation of the engine. Therefore, in the event of failure of the recirculators, they must be replaced. Mercedes recirculators are available from Arcoore for all truck models up to MP4. In addition to recirculators, we also offer nitrogen oxide sensors, which are also elements of the exhaust gas treatment system.
Arcoore offers all models used in the Mercedes Actros MP 4 and Mercedes Actros MP5, Arocs, Mercedes Actros MP6, Anton and Econic
– 4711404875; 9361421679; 4711404775; 4711406775; A4711404875; A9361421679; A4711404775; A4711406775
– 4701400375; 4701400575; A4701400375; A4701400575
– 4711421909; 4711421809; A4711421909; A4711421809
– 4711422109; A4711422109

The exhaust gas recirculation system fails frequently. At Acoore you will find new or remanufactured EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculation systems for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes intercoolers

An intercooler, or intercooler, is used in vehicles to improve engine performance. Intercoolers for Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses are available from Arcoore.

Mercedes truck intercoolers are available from Arcoore.

NOx sensors

The function of NOx sensors is to measure the concentration of the most common nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. These gases are nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The sensors are mounted in front of the catalytic converter or behind it – it depends on the SCR system design in a given vehicle model. The detection of nitrogen oxides is not the only function of the sensors, because thanks to them you can also:

  • detect initial causes of failure of the exhaust gas treatment system;
  • find out about the need for system maintenance;
  • identify components that require replacement;
  • refill the Adblue tank.

The Arcoore offer includes new, high-quality replacements for OE products for Mercedes vehicles (Actros, Sprinter, Antos, Arocs, Econic and BM) with numbers, among others

0081539828, 5WK96642B; A0081539828

A0101539528, 5WK96653B, 0091530028; A0091530028

0009053403, 5WK96681D, 0009058411; A0009053403; A0009058411

0009053503,5WK96682D; A0009053503

0101531428; 5WK97329A; A0101531428

0101531628; 5WK97331A; 0101531628

Arcoore’s offer includes NOx sensors for Mercedes-Benz cars designed to reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Mercedes Turbochargers 

The Mercedes-Benz turbocharger is used indirectly to increase the power of the combustion engine. This is done by increasing the amount of air entering the cylinders at the right moment. Fuel can be supplied to the engine in any amount, the only problem is to supply a sufficiently large amount of oxygen necessary for the combustion process to take place. This is the purpose of using a turbocharger.
Arcoore’s offer includes both remanufactured and new turbochargers from well-known manufacturers such as
– BorgWarner
– Garrett
– 53319886911; A53319886911
– 13879880047; A13879880047

Arcoore new and remanufactured turbines are available for Mercedes-Benz cars.

A brief history of the Mercedes-Benz brand

The Mercedes-Benz brand was established in the 1880s. It was founded at that time by two German entrepreneurs and automotive pioneers – Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Initially, they ran two rival companies, but changes in economic regulations after World War I prompted them to join forces in 1926. The brand name comes from the name of the daughter of Emil Jellink, one of the most important customers of Benz and Daimler, i.e. Mercedes.
It was the Mercedes-Benz brand that introduced many innovative solutions to the market, which turned out to be milestones for the entire automotive industry. Solutions such as a two-stroke gas engine or an engine speed controller have appeared in Mercedes vehicles.
For all the following years, until now, Mercedes-Benz offers more and more modern vehicles of various types, including passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Characteristics of Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes-Benz cars are premium vehicles, therefore they are characterized not only by parameters that guarantee high performance, safety and driving comfort, but also by an elegant exterior and interior design, clearly communicating the prestige of using this brand’s vehicles. Solutions that are extremely effective in combining technological innovation and quality with stylistics appreciated over all years and models, have ensured the status of an automotive icon for the Mercedes-Benz brand and brought it the trust of many individual users of its vehicles and companies that build their fleet based on Mercedes cars.
Mercedes car parts are characterized by durability and quality, thanks to which they guarantee the correct operation of individual vehicle systems of this brand for a long time. In addition, the very strengths of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are the very high performance and reliability of the drive units, efficient and comfortable steering, as well as luxurious interiors, high-quality finishes and always tasteful bodies.

Mercedes car parts on offer from Arcoore

As we have already mentioned, Mercedes car parts are characterized by very high quality and durability. Thanks to this, they guarantee efficient operation and long service life of individual systems in vehicles of this brand. Over time, however, faults of individual components cannot be avoided. Thanks to the Arcoore offer, you can restore full operational efficiency even to older Mercedes vehicles. We offer both new and remanufactured Mercedes car parts for various vehicle models, mainly trucks and buses.
Find out which Mercedes car parts you can find in Arcoore’s offer.

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