We have over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. This gives us several thousand hours devoted to analyzing the small elements that make up the whole. Over the years, we have selected appropriate components for regeneration as well as manufacturers of ready-made components.

Regeneration is a process that restores used elements to their full functionality. In practice, this means replacing most of the elements with new ones. It is a completely different process than repair. Regeneration restores the functional properties permanently, and repair temporarily.

We provide a 12-month warranty for all our mechanical products and a 6-month warranty for electronic products.

Yes, Arcoore’s offer includes regenerated variable turbine geometry actuators – VTG. This is a basic element of the proper functioning of the turbine, ensuring optimal operation of the charging system. The offer includes VTG controllers for all Holset, Garrett, BorgWarner turbines used in truck brands such as Scania, DAF, Solaris, Mercedes. 


EGR valves (Exhaust gas recirculation) and BPV valves (Back Pressure Valve) are included in the company’s offer. Valves are subject to both mechanical and electrical-electronic regeneration. This means that the valve is comprehensively repaired, verified for correct operation and tested on the table using specialized devices as well as on the vehicle. An important element regarding the possibility of regeneration of BPV and EGR valves are diagnostic reports, which provide a clear answer regarding problems and the possibility of regeneration.



In most cases, there is no need to send your own turbine for regeneration, because we have a large warehouse of already regenerated turbines, ready for shipment. We are aware of how important delivery time is for our customers. The offer includes turbines for all truck brands MAN, DAF, Scania, Mercedes, Iveco, Renault, Volvo and all turbine manufacturers – Holset, BorgWarner, Garrett


The deposit is our security to ensure that the old used part returns to us so that we can regenerate it and send it back to another customer. Due to the quick order processing time, we send our own regenerated products. In order to be able to regenerate them again, we provide a “deposit” so that customers send their used items back to us. After receiving them, we analyze them and if they are suitable for repair, we issue a correction invoice and return the deposit to the indicated account number. To avoid paying a deposit, you can always send your part to us and we will repair it.

Complaints are very rare, and if they do occur, they should be attached to the product being complained about
– Complaint protocol which can be found at https://arcoore.com/reklamacje/
– Vehicle diagnostics
– DTC Overview Diagnostic Protocol
To make a complaint, photos of error codes taken with your phone on the monitor or in the form of a screenshot are not enough

Arcoore’s offer includes all pumps manufactured by Emitec, Ecofitt, Bosch Denoxtronic I and II generations and AlbonAir for all DAF, MAN, Scania, Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, Ford trucks and buses.
The offer also includes new pumps and an alternative to new parts – refurbished pumps.

AlbonAir is not refurbished due to the costs of the repair process itself. The company’s offer includes new Volvo/Renault AlbonAir AdBlue pumps. More details about the solutions themselves can be found at this link https://arcoore.co.uk/?s=albonair&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1&lang=en

Yes, elements such as injectors and AdBlue dispensers are also subject to repair or, in other words, the regeneration process. Regenerated AdBlue dispensers for DAF, Scania and Mercedes trucks available in our offer are an alternative to new parts. Regenerated parts are also covered by a warranty

The deposit is refunded after returning the old element and we check its suitability for further regeneration process. After positive verification, we issue a correction invoice and pay the money to the account number provided in the e-mail. The return date depends on the complexity of the verification process and may take from 3 to 14 business days

We have high inventory levels, which ensures quick execution of orders for remanufactured parts. In the case of non-standard elements or the availability of old bodies is very limited, the regeneration time is usually from 2 to 5 business days

Regeneration is the process of repairing worn-out and worn-out elements, parts and components for trucks and buses. Regeneration is a process that restores used parts to 100% efficiency while maintaining their original properties. It is an excellent alternative to new parts – much lower purchase cost and to used parts, the purchase price of which is sometimes comparable to the price of refurbished parts, but used parts are usually not covered by a warranty. Regeneration and repair are a guarantee of lower prices, operational reliability, protection of the environment and raw materials

By definition, yes, all EGR valves and EGR modules are suitable for regeneration, i.e. repair. The process involves replacing worn and damaged elements with new ones. The offer includes all available models and types of EGR coolers for MAN, DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo and Mercedes. EGR coolers and recirculators for cars with exhaust emission standards of Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 are subject to regeneration.

Regeneration of the EGR exhaust gas cooler for MAN TGX Euro 6 involves replacing with completely new internal elements such as:
– shell-and-tube cooler
– O-rings
– seals
In the case of this model, the so-called EGR valve is also subject to regeneration. Flaps.
Currently, we are able to configure the regeneration option in any way according to the customer’s recommendations, that is:
– regenerated exhaust gas recirculation with a regenerated throttle, i.e. EGR valve
– regenerated exhaust gas recirculation with a new OE MAN throttle
For customers who have their own technical resources and are able to repair their EGR exhaust gas cooler themselves, we have repair kits at their disposal. A set of elements for repair and replacement of damaged elements.
The purchase cost, regardless of the selected option, ensures cost optimization while maintaining the same quality and technical requirements as OE.

In the vast majority of cases, we are able to define the part number that the customer is looking for based on the vehicle’s VIN number (chassis number – the unique number of each truck – its identifier). In extreme cases, the OE number of the part is available in two or even three configurations, so photos of the product and specific details are necessary for identification.
Please also remember that the vehicle’s VIN number only shows the part numbers that were originally installed during production. If there have been any significant software changes (service events) or modifications to the vehicle, the VIN number may not be sufficient

Each part has its own characteristic OE number (original number). When selecting parts, the most important thing is this number, which is also the universal language for the part you are looking for. The selection can be made based on this number or find the OE number by the vehicle frame number, i.e. VIN

Each order is fulfilled by specialized courier companies, which assign a specific number to each shipment – the shipment number. You will receive this number together with the invoice, which allows you to track its journey on the courier’s website

New parts have a manufacturer’s warranty, but their price is high. The refurbished part also has a warranty and the same functionality at a better price. Used parts are also cheap, but carry the risk of malfunction and often have only a start-up warranty or no warranty at all.
Remanufactured parts are an excellent alternative to new and used parts, ensuring optimal quality at a reasonable price

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