Renault trucks parts

Renault trucks parts

Renault trucks form the fleets of many professional transport companies and enjoy great popularity due to their performance, quality, durability and innovative solutions. That is why it is worth taking care of your Renault vehicle fleet and regularly servicing cars, and if necessary, replacing damaged elements. High-quality new and remanufactured Renault car parts can be found in the Arcoore offer. Check what parts for Renault vehicles are available at Arcoore and choose components from a reliable source.


Renault – valued trucks

Although the Renault brand is known primarily for passenger cars, it is also one of the leading manufacturers of cars for road transport. Renault trucks are characterized by innovative technologies and services that make road transport safe, comfortable and economical.

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Among Renault trucks there are the following series of vehicles:

  • Renault Premium – manufactured since 1997, they are mainly intended for medium-length routes, they are also used in long-distance road transport. The cars were equipped with DXI and DCI engines
  • Renault Magnum – was produced from 1990 to 2013 and their hallmark was the highest cabin, the driver’s working space – over 2 meters. They were equipped with DXI engines
  • Renault E-Tech – Renault Trucks is expanding its range of fully electric vehicles and, from 2023, launches two new models with a total weight of up to 44 t: Renault Trucks T E-Tech for regional transport and Renault Trucks C E-Tech for the construction industry.
  • Renault Kerax – manufactured since 1997, intended primarily for all construction works.
  • Renault Trucks T – reliable, high-performance vehicles for long-haul operations;
  • Renault Trucks C – truck tractors designed to work in difficult conditions;
  • Renault Trucks D – modern, economical and comfortable vehicles for urban and medium-distance transport;
  • Renault Trucks K – vehicles designed to work in extreme terrain.


Renault trucks parts in the Arcoore offer


Are there trucks in your Renault fleet that require replacement of damaged components? New and remanufactured Renault truck parts are available at Arcoore to get your vehicles back to full working order. Thanks to their use, the vehicles from your fleet will regain their functional and functional properties, guaranteeing driving comfort and safety, as well as improving the economy of work on the road.

In our offer you will find Renault truck parts that are compatible with both newer and older vehicles of this brand. Selected components are designed for vehicles that meet the current emission standards (Euro 6) as well as older standards (from Euro 3 to Euro 5). However, if your fleet includes even older vehicles, for which parts are no longer available on the market, we can recreate them based on original technical drawings and manufacturer’s specifications.

Renault turbochargers

Thanks to the operation of turbochargers, engine operation becomes more efficient, economical and smooth. These elements, once used only in sports cars, today are the equipment of basically all types of cars. Damaged turbochargers must be reconditioned or replaced to ensure proper engine operation.

Renault NOx sensors

The role of this element of the exhaust system is to control the content of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases. Thanks to the measurement results, it is possible to introduce the correct amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber, which, after the appropriate chemical reaction, reduces the amount of NOx in the exhaust gas, thus enabling the emission standard to be met. An additional benefit of the correct operation of NOx sensors in Renault vehicles is smoother engine operation.

Renault AdBlue pumps

In new diesel vehicles, a urea solution (AdBlue) is used to reduce harmful substances in the exhaust gases, which enters into a chemical reaction, breaking nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapour. The result of its use is greener driving, thanks to which trucks can meet modern emission standards. AdBlue pumps are necessary to dose this agent to the injectors.

EGR valves / Renault exhaust gas recirculators

These are elements that ensure that the right amount of exhaust gas is introduced into the combustion chamber, which reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.

Renault intercoolers

The intercooler is an air cooler, the use of which in Renault trucks allows you to increase engine performance. We owe this to the laws of physics, namely the greater mass volume of cool air. By allowing denser air into the combustion chamber, the pistons are able to generate greater engine performance.


Renault radiators

Thanks to the use of a liquid cooler, it is possible to maintain the correct operating temperature of the engine, regardless of the prevailing conditions. The functioning of the radiator prevents seizing of the piston elements, thus avoiding engine failures.


Renault actuators

The Arcoore offer also includes actuators, thanks to which it is possible to lift flaps or semi-trailer elements in Renault trucks.

Renault trucks parts – benefits for Arcoore customers

By choosing Renault truck parts from the Arcoore offer, you can be sure that your fleet of Renault vehicles will regain full technical and operational efficiency. Thanks to them, your company’s drivers will work in comfortable and safe conditions, driving fully operational Renault trucks. Why is it still worth using Renault truck parts available at Arcoore?


Before shipping, we carefully check each part, and the shipment is secured against possible damage in transit. That is why you receive fully functional Renault car parts from us, ready to be installed in your truck.

Using the Arcoore offer, you will easily find the right Renault truck parts. On the page of each product there is a list of OE numbers, thanks to which you can easily choose components that match the model of your vehicle.


Are you looking for Renault truck parts? New and remanufactured components available at Arcoore will help restore the efficiency of vehicles in your fleet.


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