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AdBlue pumps – new and remanufactured

Arcoore’s business has expanded to include the regeneration of AdBlue pumps. This is due to the growing demand for those elements that, due to failure, cease to perform their functions properly. Are you interested in the repair of AdBlue pumps and do you need trustworthy specialists to whom it is best to outsource it? Or maybe you are looking for such a pump for a bus or truck that powers your fleet? Explore Arcoore’s range of AdBlue pumps and choose the AdBlue pump model that’s right for your vehicle.


AdBlue – what is it?

AdBlue is a 32% aqueous solution of urea. In the automotive industry it is used as a reducer of nitrogen oxides harmful to the environment. AdBlue is a safe and environmentally friendly substance. It is not a flammable liquid, nor does it have any harmful effects on health.


How much is AdBlue consumption?

Depending on the type of engine driving your vehicle, AdBlue consumption is approximately 4-5% of the amount of diesel fuel you burn.


What are AdBlue pumps? Application and functions

The AdBlue pump is a device whose task is to force the urea solution into the injectors or dispensers located in the catalytic converters of cars. Thanks to the operation of this device, vehicles have a chance to meet modern, more and more restrictive standards regarding exhaust gas toxicity. Nitrogen oxides that are formed in the engine compartment, after reacting with AdBlue, break down into nitrogen particles and water (steam). In our offer you will find not only new, but also regenerated AdBlue pumps, distinguished by full efficiency of operation.


Principles of operation of the AdBlue pump

Dosing AdBlue to the catalyst takes place after reaching the appropriate temperature in the exhaust system. The temperature allows the release of ammonia from the solution, which is necessary for the reaction with nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber to take place.


The device does not need to be automatically written off when various types of irregularities appear in it. Our company Arcoore is responsible for the specialist repair of AdBlue pumps, thanks to which it is given a second life, while maintaining full efficiency. See for yourself!


Why is it worth choosing AdBlue pumps from the Arcoore offer?

In the Arcoore offer, you will easily find an AdBlue pump that fits your vehicle. All thanks to the fact that the description of each product contains an exact list of OEM numbers of original parts. We repair AdBlue pumps using professional tools and high-quality materials. All products are meticulously tested for value, durability and performance. The method of regeneration of AdBlue pumps adopted by us allows you to achieve full efficiency and original functional properties of these elements.


Before shipment, we carefully check each AdBlue pump, and carefully protect it against possible damage in transport. You can be sure that after the regeneration of the AdBlue pump carried out by us, you will receive a fully operational and ready-to-install element.


If you have not found the AdBlue pump you are looking for or do not have the OE part number – nothing lost, contact us, we will find it for you.
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