Problems with the EGR exhaust gas cooler MAN TGX Euro 6

Exhaust gas cooler, EGR valve, recirculation, EGR module, recirculation module are just a few of the names used by owners of MAN TGX Euro 6 trucks in various engine and cabin configurations.

Regardless of what truck owners or people dealing with fleet service, mechanics, diagnostic stations or service centers call them, they have one common denominator – failure rate.

We do not know whether the failure rate results from the design of the exhaust gas recirculation itself or other components installed in the vehicle, but we will try to explain a few or even a dozen reasons why the previously named EGR fails. And the fundamental question is whether it always breaks down and whether what or who is to blame for it.


What is the reason for the failure of the exhaust gas cooler?


Service diagnosis – leak on the EGR system, the result of computer analysis in the sase confirms the EGR error. Diagnosis – to be replaced. The price of a new one often exceeds  Euro 3,000, in addition, replacement, car downtime, implementation time and all this affects the “losses” of the vehicle owner, no matter who it is.

We do not judge whether EURO 4,000 is a lot or not enough. In fact, most customers start looking for an alternative solution to that proposed by an authorized service station, looking for replacements or repair options.

Praise them if they come to us. Because, first of all, they have a chance to obtain information about the possibility of saving on the purchase of a regenerated EGR version for the MAN TGX Euro 6, and secondly, they will obtain a product that is not inferior to OE products in terms of quality and durability. And thirdly, also very important, we care about the environment by using the available EGR regeneration agents. You can read more about the regeneration itself at:


EGR module failure in MAN TGX Euro 6


Returning, however, to the failure of the EGR module in the MAN TGX Euro 6.

EGR exhaust gas cooler, EGR exhaust module is installed practically at the highest point of the engine, directly on the exhaust gas system from the combustion chamber, separated only by a short elbow, which means that very high temperatures, even up to 600 ° C, directly affect the throttles.


Then, through the open throttles, they get to the pipe system inside the recirculator, which is washed with the liquid from the cooling system. Part of the exhaust gas goes directly to the exhaust system through the catalytic converter and part returns to the combustion chamber.


As a result, the exhaust gases are cooled down through the flow through the pipe system or professionally shell-and-tube coolers, which in turn is a consequence of their cooling according to Euro 6 exhaust gas standards.

In practice, a very simple and easy thing, the radiator will burn, lowering the temperature, Euro 6 exhaust gas standards, sounds fantastic.

In practice, it looks like a very emergency device which, due to the place of installation, cooling system problems, worn out catalyst, problems with injectors, turbine, intercooler, the EGR cooler becomes unsealed and the liquid from the cooling system gets into the exhaust system.


Incorrect operation of the recirculator may be accompanied by:

  • limited engine performance;
  • problem with exhaust gas flow to the intake system;
  • uneven engine idling;
  • problems with starting a cold engine;
  • lack of smoothness when accelerating.

Why has the flue gas recirculation system failed?


To get a good look at why the exhaust gas recirculation has failed, it’s worth taking a closer look and checking the following

  1. Tightness of the high-pressure charge air cooler – OE 51095007168; 51095007196; 51095005018; 51095005019; 51095005022; 51095007151; 51095007147; 51095007160;
  2. Efficiency, patency of the DPF filter
  3. Low pressure cooler tightness OE 51095007169; 51095007148; 8ML376750-511
  4. Tightness of places responsible for a loss of cooling liquid in the system or causing incorrect operation

The above elements are the most common causes of overheating and damage to the EGR shell and tube insert. Installing the purchased EGR exhaust cooler in a defective system will result in overheating and unsealing of the shell and tube insert again.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the driver and his driving technique, and most of all, the care of the machine.

We assume, of course, that this aspect is out of the mind of the readers, because everything is always under control and it has never happened that you did not top up the liquid, overheat the engine or accidentally take with you more than the regulations and tractor power allow.

The EGR itself is a very simple design, a throttle with a shaft on which there are plates responsible for closing and opening the exhaust gas flow. Then there is a shell and tube cooler through which the exhaust gas flows, check valves stabilizing the pressure and the exhaust gas flow.


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