What is the EGR module and what functions does it perform in the exhaust gas recirculation system?

Exhaust gas recirculation systems in modern combustion vehicles must be adapted to increasingly stringent emission standards. This is one of the reasons why EGR modules are used in these systems. In this entry you will learn what EGR modules are and what functions they perform, what faults most often affect these elements, and how to recognize them. We will also check whether it is worth choosing regenerated EGR modules in the event of a failure.


What is the EGR module and what are its functions?


The EGR module is an element of the exhaust gas recirculation system in motor vehicles, which plays an important role in meeting applicable emission standards. The function of the EGR module is to re-introduce a specific amount of exhaust gases into the combustion chamber, which then reacts with the fuel-air mixture. As a result of this process, there are fewer harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (CH) and carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gases.

The EGR module is controlled by the on-board computer, which receives information on engine parameters and exhaust gas flow. Thanks to this data, it is possible to optimize the exhaust gas composition and engine operation efficiency.


The most common EGR module faults


The most common cause of problems with EGR modules is the lack of adequate amount of coolant caused by leakage. When the EGR module is deprived of the appropriate amount of coolant, the exhaust gases passing through its insert, i.e. the shell-and-tube cooler, are not cooled effectively. As a result, exhaust gases with a temperature of approximately 700 degrees Celsius cannot be cooled, which leads to overheating of the radiator insert and potential leakage.

EGR module failures may also be caused by problems with the operation of the charge cooler and turbine.

This situation may result in loss of coolant, reduced vehicle power and increased fuel consumption. These symptoms are relatively mild compared to the potential impact of lack of fluid on the entire engine. Overheating can be noticed by a change in the color of the EGR valve, throttle or other components that may become discolored. This situation is a clear sign that the vehicle has been operating without adequate coolant for some time.

What are the symptoms of EGR valve faults?


EGR valve faults manifest themselves with various symptoms, signaling problematic operation of this element of the exhaust system. Here are some common symptoms:

– loss of engine power – especially noticeable when accelerating or climbing hills, which may indicate improper functioning of the EGR valve;

– irregular engine operation – manifested by unstable running and vibrations, especially at higher speeds, which may be the result of disruptions in the recirculation of exhaust gases;

– increased exhaust emissions – higher concentrations of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) can be seen in the exhaust gases, which indicates ineffective recirculation;

– starting problems – a damaged EGR module may cause difficulty in starting the engine or unstable operation at low speeds.

If you observe these symptoms, it is recommended to consult a specialist or have your vehicle connected to a diagnostic station. When error codes related to damage to the EGR valve are detected, it may be necessary to take appropriate actions, such as replacing or regenerating this element, to restore proper functioning of the exhaust system.


Damaged EGR module – can it be regenerated?

At Arcoore, we specialize in the process of regeneration of EGR modules, thanks to which they regain their original technical and functional properties.

During module regeneration, effective cleaning is carried out of soot, engine oil, dust and other contaminants that may cause the device to malfunction. This procedure also includes diagnostics, repair of specific components or their replacement, as well as testing and calibration to confirm the efficiency of the module.

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