Truck electric controllers – what is worth knowing about them?

Electric truck controllers have changed the automotive industry. Find out what they are, what role they play in the operation of vehicles, how to recognize damage to controllers and what are the benefits of using them in the automotive industry. See for yourself that in the event of a failure, it is worth choosing controllers from the Arcoore offer.


What are truck drivers?

Truck controllers are devices in the form of small boxes. They have their own processors, memory and software. ECUs used in vehicles perform various functions, the purpose of which is always to achieve optimal operating parameters of the engine and other components.

The emergence of controllers has improved the safety and comfort of driving, reduced emissions and improved the economy of vehicle operation. It has also made fault diagnosis easier, as now it is enough to connect the truck to a diagnostic device that will indicate the problem, whereas in the past it was necessary for the mechanic to manually check all areas where there could be faults or failure of individual parts.


What is the function of electric controllers in a truck?

Currently, it is difficult to find trucks that do not use electric controllers. Thanks to their use, trucks can not only meet more and more restrictive emission standards, but also guarantee much greater safety on the road and increase driving comfort. Importantly, thanks to electric controllers, we can count on more economical driving, which is crucial for the profitability of transport.


Electric controllers regulate the operation of the truck, among others:

drive unit – they control, among others the work of injections, dosing the right amount of fuel, the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases, the amount of intake air, ignition or turbocharging;

automatic transmission – they allow to reduce the mechanical loads on the transmission parts, ensure smoother gear changes;

braking system – activate, among others, ABS system in case of difficulties encountered during braking.

The electric controllers inform the on-board computer about all parameters. It is on their basis that the the necessary amount of fuel, Ad Blue or exhaust gas introduced into the combustion chamber. This comes down to reducing emissions or developing optimal driving economy.


When did electric controllers start to be used in trucks?

Electronic technology began to be used in the automotive industry in the late 1980s. This was mainly due to the tightening regulations on emissions that were introduced over time in Europe and the United States. The technologies used so far have not been able to achieve increasingly lower limit values for the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases. Therefore, it was necessary to use modern solutions.

Thanks to the controllers, it has become possible to efficiently manage, among others, injectors, exhaust system and catalytic converter. In addition, the controllers have improved driving safety by introducing, among others, assisted braking systems. Control units and valves initially found their way only to top-of-the-line trucks, and gradually began to appear in mid-segment and economy class vehicles.


Faults of truck controllers – how to detect them?

Faults in electrical controllers can cause a variety of symptoms. In extreme cases, a failure of the controller may even result in the inability to start the engine. Other symptoms of damaged electrical controllers include:

difficulty starting the engine;

poor response or no response from the accelerator pedal;

uneven engine operation;

engine stalling after warming up or during operation.

Damage to selected drivers can of course result in many other difficulties in driving a truck, malfunctioning of various components or lights on. In any case, the truck should be diagnosed and damaged ECUs replaced with new ones.


Truck controllers in the Arcoore offer

In which vehicle of your fleet of trucks, buses or construction and agricultural machinery has the electrical controllers been damaged? The Arcoore offer includes electric controllers for vehicles of various brands, e.g. DAF, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Solaris, Liebherr and others. Both new and regenerated controllers and valves guarantee full operational properties, restoring proper operation of individual vehicle components.

Truck controllers in Arcoore are of the highest quality and functional properties corresponding to factory-installed parts in vehicles. We guarantee a very favorable price-quality ratio and we provide a warranty for the controllers we sell.

Before shipping, we carefully check the condition of each part, and we protect the elements against damage in transport. Thanks to the fact that the OE numbers are listed in the description of each product, it will be very easy for you to compare them with the factory part numbers and choose components that match your vehicle.

Replacing electrical controllers in trucks thanks to the Arcoore offer is easy and beneficial.

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