Scania EGR module – what is worth knowing?

In the face of stricter emission standards, modern vehicles must be equipped with components that enable the reduction of harmful emissions with exhaust gases. One of these elements are EGR modules, which can also be found in Scania vehicles. Find out what its functions are and what you can do in the event of a Scania EGR module failure.



What is the EGR module in Scania vehicles?


The EGR module is an element of the exhaust gas recirculation system in vehicles that are to meet modern emission standards. Of course, they are also used in Scania cars, which are considered to be one of the most valued trucks that can be found on European roads. The function of the Scania EGR module is to reintroduce certain exhaust emissions into the combustion chamber, which react with the air-fuel mixture, resulting in fewer harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (CH) and carbon monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gases.


The Scania EGR module is controlled by the on-board computer, to which it provides information on engine parameters or exhaust gas flow. It is on their basis that the exhaust gas composition and engine efficiency are optimised.



EGR exhaust gas recirculation faults in Scania vehicles – symptoms


The EGR module in Scania vehicles can fail for various reasons. One of the most common is contamination of its elements by soot, oil or other dirt that may be found in the exhaust system. So how can you tell if a Scania vehicle may have a fault in the EGR recirculator? The most common symptoms are, for example:

– decrease in engine power – usually noticeable when accelerating or going uphill;

– irregular operation of the engine – e.g. unstable operation and vibrations, especially when driving at higher speeds;

– increased emissions of exhaust gases – will be found in exhaust gases

– increased concentration of harmful substances, e.g. nitrogen oxides (NOx);

– problems with starting – a damaged Scania EGR module may cause problems with starting the engine or cause unstable engine operation at low revs.


In the event of the occurrence of these errors, the vehicle should be connected to a diagnostic station. If error codes indicating damage to the EGR module are displayed, appropriate steps should be taken, i.e. replacement or regeneration of the element.



Regeneration of EGR recirculators – is it possible?


At Arcoore, we regenerate Scania EGR modules, thanks to which these components regain their technical and functional properties. This process consists primarily in cleaning the modules from soot, engine oil, dust and other dirt that may accumulate on the module, leading to incorrect operation of the device. In addition to cleaning during the regeneration of Scania EGR modules, other steps are performed, such as:

– diagnostics – consists in assessing individual parts of the module and assessing its repairability;

– repair – at this stage, we undertake the repair of individual elements of the Scania EGR module or their replacement with new ones, this applies to e.g. valve, electric motor;

– testing and calibration – activities are aimed at confirming the efficiency of the module.


Recirculation of Scania EGR modules generates much lower costs than replacing the entire element with a new one.


Scania EGR modules in the Arcoore range


Our offer includes remanufactured and new Scania EGR modules for various models of vehicles, equipped with six- and nine-liter engines, and meeting the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards. Each of the Scania EGR modules available in the Arcoore offer guarantees high quality, technical and functional, thanks to which it allows you to restore vehicles to full efficiency – ensure proper engine operation and reduce the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere.

Each Scania EGR recirculator is re-checked for quality before shipment and secured against any damage in transit. Thanks to the OE numbers available on each product page, you will easily find the Scania EGR module that fits your vehicle. We provide a warranty for new and regenerated Scania EGR modules.

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