How does the repair of exhaust gas coolers work and why is it worth choosing regenerated exhaust gas coolers EGR?

The exhaust gas cooler EGR is a key element in the cooling system of an internal combustion engine. Its role is to dissipate excess heat that is generated in the process of fuel combustion in the engine. The operation of the exhaust gas cooler is extremely important for the proper functioning of the vehicle. In this article, we will take a closer look at the exhaust gas cooler repair process and find out why you should consider remanufactured coolers.

What is an exhaust gas cooler EGR and what are its functions?

An exhaust gas cooler EGR, also known as a heat exchanger, is a device installed in the exhaust system of a vehicle. Its main task is to remove excess heat generated during the combustion process in the engine. The exhaust gas cooler EGR consists of thin tubes surrounded by a jacket through which the cooling fluid flows (glycol, most often ethylene glycol, water and corrosion inhibitors), and sheet metal or aluminum surfaces separating the flowing fluid from the hot exhaust gases.

In the cooling process, hot exhaust gases flow through the outside of the radiator, transferring heat to the coolant. Then, the cooled exhaust gases leave the cooler, and some of them go to the EGR valve, from where they are directed to the combustion chamber to ensure proper engine operation and optimal mixture composition, allowing to reduce the amount of harmful substances. Thanks to this process, the engine temperature is maintained at the appropriate level, which is crucial for its efficiency and durability.

How to recognize a malfunction of the exhaust gas cooler EGR?

Faulty exhaust gas coolers EGR can lead to serious engine performance problems and should be repaired promptly. Here are some symptoms that may indicate a fault in the exhaust gas cooler:

Coolant Leaks – If you notice coolant leaking from underneath your vehicle, this may be a sign that the exhaust gas cooler is faulty.

Engine Overheating – If the temperature gauge on the dashboard indicates that the engine is overheating, it may be due to a malfunctioning radiator.

Problems with engine operation – with a damaged exhaust gas cooler, you may notice jerking, loss of power or difficulty in accelerating.

Presence of corrosion or damage – Pay attention to the radiator when inspecting the vehicle. Visible corrosion or mechanical damage, such as dents or abrasions, may indicate the need for repair or replacement.

Exhaust gas cooler EGR repair – how is the process going?

Repairing an exhaust gas cooler can be a challenge, especially if the fault is serious. The repair process may include the following steps:

Fault diagnosis – the first step is a thorough diagnosis of the problem. A specialist will check the radiator for leaks, damage or corrosion.

Removal – if damage is found, the radiator must be removed from the vehicle. This often requires disassembly of other components such as covers or hoses.

Repair or replacement of damaged elements – at this stage, the damaged elements of the exhaust gas cooler are replaced with new ones.

Installation – after repairing the radiator, the specialist will install it back in the vehicle.

Filling with coolant – after installing the radiator, it is necessary to top up the coolant and check for leaks.

Testing – Finally, the vehicle is tested for the functionality of the radiator and the entire cooling system.

Why is it worth investing in regenerated exhaust gas coolers EGR?

Regenerated exhaust gas coolers are a solution that is becoming more and more popular among vehicle owners. Why? Here are some reasons:

Economical – remanufactured coolers are usually much cheaper than new ones. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of money when repairing the cooling system, which is especially important for a fleet of vehicles.

Ecology – by choosing regenerated coolers, you support the idea of recycling and environmental protection. Less waste is good for the planet.

High quality – well-made remanufactured coolers meet the same quality standards as new. Thanks to this, you can be sure of their durability and reliability.

Availability – in the Arcoore offer you will easily find an exhaust gas cooler compatible with the cooling system in your vehicle. The list of OE numbers on the product pages will help you make the right choice.

Warranty – a warranty is provided for regenerated exhaust gas coolers.

In conclusion, the repair of the exhaust gas cooler EGR is a key process to keep the engine running properly. It is worth being vigilant for any symptoms of a fault and not underestimating the problem. Choosing a remanufactured radiator can be an economically and ecologically sound choice, while allowing you to enjoy the reliable operation of your vehicle.

If you are looking for regenerated exhaust gas coolers EGR, we invite you to take advantage of the Arcoore offer. The high quality of the available parts and the warranty provided will allow you to restore the vehicles from your fleet to full technical efficiency.

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