Regeneration of recirculators (EGR coolers) and coolers Wrocław

Arcoore meets the expectations of customers and launches a stationary store in Wrocław, where the warehouse area includes all models of liquid coolers, air coolers, exhaust gas recirculators – popular EGR, Nox sensors for trucks of brands such as MAN, Scania, Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Renault or Iveco. Soon, the full range will also include Millers Oil for trucks and passenger cars.


Water coolers (Radiators) – what are they?

Water coolers, as they are often called elements of cooling systems, are offered in a new version with or without a frame. They are replacements of reputable manufacturers, they ensure perfect operation of the entire system, they are covered by a 12-month warranty with no mileage limit at very affordable prices. Regardless of whether you are driving, taking care of the fleet, you are the owner, we invite you to us, we provide assistance in choosing the right coolers for the type of vehicle, power or cabin size.

Air coolers (Intercoolers) – what are they?

Air coolers, called intercoolers, are also located in the warehouse regiments. In this case, we offer remanufactured versions, that is, with the core replaced with a new one. We use cores from proven suppliers, with parameters identical to those from the first assembly.

Why is it worth using radiator regeneration services?

The profitability of remanufacturing coolers is beyond dispute for several reasons.

The first and most important thing for the customer is, of course, the purchase price. The prices of remanufactured products oscillate around 30-60% of the value of the new intercooler and, additionally, the return of the old one causes an additional discount for air coolers.

The second and no less important parameter is ecology, which should and should be talked about loudly. The use of old sides or bathtubs in intercooler coolers reduces the production of cast iron elements in the supply chain to owners and users of trucks. Regeneration, or how often repair is mistaken, affects the reuse of existing good components. Not a direct, but important from the point of view of ecology parameter is the operation of the truck itself, combustion, generating power with a slightly damaged or leaky air cooler system.


Regeneration (repair) of coolers for trucks

A leaky air cooler system increases fuel consumption, reduces the car’s power or causes greater wear of other car components, such as the turbine, injectors, EGR valvesWe offer solutions in the era of savings. For the purchase of regenerated air coolers in Wrocław, you receive a year of warranty and a technically finished product with exactly the same technical parameters as expected by the manufacturer Man, Scania, DAF, Volvo or the rest of truck manufacturers.


EGR valve regeneration and ecology

Today, manufacturers, on the basis of European Union directives, are forced to reduce exhaust emissions, using new and more technologically advanced solutions in their structures.One of such solutions is undoubtedly the exhaust gas recirculation, also known as the EGR valve, EGR cooler or exhaust gas cooler.

We wrote more about the regeneration of EGR valve systems here.
It is worth getting acquainted with the specificity of regeneration, what it is, how it differs from repair, and finally how important it is to use proven components for this process.

Recirculator regeneration – what is it?

It is worth getting acquainted with the specifics of regeneration, what it is, how it differs from repair, and finally how important it is to use proven components for this process.


In order to briefly present the basic information – EGR recirculation is a type of solenoid valve that is mounted in the exhaust system. Its main task is to introduce a certain amount of exhaust gas into the combustion chamber of the engine. Chemical processes take place there, as a result of which the amount of harmful gases present in the exhaust gas decreases. The EGR valves may fail due to the build-up of too much debris. In order to prevent problems related to exhaust gas recirculation, it is important to regularly service the car, use clean fuel or clean the engine of deposits.


If the failures cannot be prevented, it will be necessary to repair the recirculator or regenerate it. However, the repair of the recirculator is not the cheapest undertaking, so if we have the possibility of regeneration, it is worth choosing. Regeneration of the recirculator consists in the mechanical replacement of damaged elements with completely new ones. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how important it is to ensure the highest quality of delivered elements. That is why all our products meet the strict requirements of truck manufacturers such as MAN, Scania, DAF and Volvo.


Regeneration of coolers – Arcoore offer

At Arcoore, we try to ensure that everything is consistent with each other in terms of the supply of cooling system components, liquid coolers, air coolers or EGR valves with other elements from our offer.Undoubtedly, everything also affects the sensors that are equipped with all trucks.The most common sensor problem is the nitrogen oxide sensor known as the NOx sensor.We offer replacement solutions of very good quality, compatible with SCR systems for MAN TGX, MAN TGS, MAN TGL, Scania R, Mercedes Actros, Volvo FH, Iveco Stralis, DAF XF 105, DAF XF 95 or the latest DAF XF 106 euro 6.

Please remember that the replacement is only a problem with the sensor itself, which is damaged due to improper operation of other components. The Nox sensor is influenced by such elements as – a turbocharger, proper operation of the injectors, a well-functioning EGR valve, a correct and tight liquid cooler that takes care of temperature parameters, and an air cooler. The intercooler takes care of the correct distribution of the air necessary for proper combustion, and thus exhaust gases with parameters in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Regeneracja chłodnic Wrocław – zapraszamy do skorzystania z naszej oferty.

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