Radiators / Liquid coolers

Arcoore offers numerous liquid coolers for trucks and buses. In addition, the company’s portfolio also includes oil and radiator / water coolers for agricultural and construction machinery, as well as used in various industries, including heavy mining.

Radiators coolers – our offer

Our offer of coolers is very rich due to the wide cooperation with many suppliers who ensure smooth deliveries. We provide coolers for trucks and buses of various brands and models.

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Arcoore offers radiators / liquid coolers for trucks of the following brands:


We also offer bus radiators / liquid coolers:

Construction and regeneration of old or atypical coolers


Customers often ask us about the availability of older models of coolers or the possibility of regenerating damaged ones. Regeneration of car radiators is a permanent element of our offer, and on a daily basis we renew a wide variety of radiators from vehicles of various brands and models.
If the car radiator is completely damaged and its regeneration is not possible, and the model is no longer available on the market, we will be happy to build a radiator with the specified parameters. All you need to do is provide us with its technical documentation – e.g. a pattern or technical drawing – on the basis of which we will be able to accurately reproduce all parameters of the cooler.
Are you unable to do this? Nothing is lost! We have regenerated and built many types of car coolers of older types or less common types, therefore our documentation includes a very rich collection of drawings and other designs that allow us to build any radiator with unusual technical parameters.


Types of radiators / liquid coolers / water coolers in the Arcoore range


Our product range includes oil coolers for trucks and buses, as well as water and oil coolers for cooling industrial equipment, which come in various variants, characterized by a different design.
– Water Pump Fluid Coolers – These include a water pump that transports the coolant – which receives some of the heat that is emitted by the machine’s engine – to the cooler where it is cooled and then fed back into the pump.
– Water coolers/ radiators / Liquid coolers with water pump and tank – the function of the tank is to equalize the level of the cooling liquid in the entire cooling system. When the liquid heats up, its volume will increase, then the excess goes to the surge tank.
In addition to the listed and described types of coolers, the offer also includes liquid coolers without pump and tank.


Use of oil and water coolers


The car radiator is used to maintain the optimal engine operating temperature, regardless of the prevailing conditions. Maintaining temperature is essential to avoid seizure of the piston elements in the engine, which could otherwise cause engine failure.


How does a radiator work?


Conductors run through the block and the cylinder head, in which, as a result of the pump operation, the antifreeze coolant flows. Its role is to collect heat from the engine and / or other vehicle components, and then it is transported to a panel with a network of dozens of tubes that facilitate heat dissipation. The thus cooled fluid is pumped back into the engine.
Coolers are quite durable elements and rarely fail. The most common faults are system leakage, which may occur over time, or mechanical damage, which is favored by the location of the radiator right behind the grill – damage can occur as a result of a collision or even small splinters from the road surface, which, by damaging one pipe, may lead to leakage system and fluid leakage.

In our offer you will also find:

Arcoore offers numerous liquid coolers for trucks and buses.

Arcoore’s offer includes the regeneration of the catalyst DPF / FAP filter. You can regenerate catalytic converters for all types of vehicles with us.

The exhaust gas recirculator often fails. At Acoore you will find new or remanufactured EGR / AGR exhaust gas recirculation systems.

Arcoore offers intercoolers for all brands of trucks and other commercial vehicles as well as agricultural and construction machinery.

Arcoore’s offer includes NOx sensors designed to reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Arcoore’s offer includes repair kits for MAN, Scania, Mercedes, DAF trucks and ZF gearboxes.

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