Regenerated turbocharger MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267

OE numbers:



Warranty: 12 months
Index Arcoore: AC020617267R



400 €

The deposit is a security for the return of the old part, the parts will be regenerated again. For the sake of your time, we give you the regenerated product. After the old part is complete, we will refund the entire deposit to your account number

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The offer includes a regenerated turbocharger MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267


OE numbers:


Application in vehicles:
MAN D2676;
MAN TGX Euro 6;


The turbocharger in the car is paired with the turbocharger MAN TGA, TGX, OE 51091017268

MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267 Arcoore turbocharger


The turbocharger in your MAN TGA, TGX vehicle was failing and you are looking for a new element? Choose a regenerated MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267 turbocharger, thanks to which you will restore the full efficiency of your MAN truck. Check which vehicle versions the presented turbocharger fits and see for yourself that it is worth choosing this solution.

The principle of operation of the MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267 turbocharger


The regenerated MAN TGA, TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267 turbocharger is driven by the exhaust gases of the internal combustion engine, which flow through the turbine wheel and are further expelled through the exhaust system. Through the shaft, the rotation of the turbine wheel is transmitted to the compressor wheel. This, in turn, compresses the air that flows through the intake and filter. Then the air can be directed straight to the intake manifold. However, in most cars, especially in modern designs, an intercooler is used, in which the heated air after compression is cooled again before entering the combustion chamber.

MAN TGX, Garrett, OE 51091017267 regenerated turbocharger – why is it worth taking advantage of our offer?


All turbochargers from the Arcoore offer are regenerated by a team of specialists with extensive experience and knowledge. High-quality materials and spare parts are used during reconditioning work. Therefore, the regenerated MAN TGX turbocharger from the Arcoore offer is a device with the same quality and technical and operational features as the factory ones. Each regenerated part is carefully checked and tested for durability and functionality.
Regenerated devices, while maintaining the same technical and operational properties, remain a cheaper way to restore the efficiency of MAN vehicles than the purchase of new parts. Before sending to you, each regenerated turbocharger will be checked again for technical condition, and then we will carefully pack the device and protect it against damage in transport.

If you have not found the part you are looking for, or you do not have the OE part number – nothing lost, contact us, we will find it for you.

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