Regenerated AdBlue pump DAF LF Euro 6, OE 4931694, Cummins, EMITEC

OE numbers:

Warranty: 12 months
Arcoore index: AC030731694R



350 €

The deposit is a security for the return of the old part, the parts will be regenerated again. For the sake of your time, we give you the regenerated product. After the old part is complete, we will refund the entire deposit to your account number

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The offer includes a regenerated AdBlue pump DAF LF, CF, Euro 6


OE numbers:


Application in vehicles:

DAF LF Euro 6;
DAF CF Euro 6;


Remanufactured AdBlue pump DAF LF, DAF CF, Euro 6


The AdBlue pump in your DAF LF, CF, Euro 6 has broken down? At Arcoore, we have prepared for you an offer of remanufactured AdBlue pumps for these models of trucks and buses. All functional features of the device have been restored by a team of professionals, using the highest quality materials and components.


What is an AdBlue pump and what is it used for?


Your DAF vehicle includes an AdBlue pump to reduce emissions of harmful compounds such as nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. The function of this device is to deliver a 32% aqueous solution of urea to the dispensers in the catalysts or injectors.
Thanks to the reactions that take place in the combustion chamber after AdBlue is delivered, nitrogen oxides are broken down into nitrogen and water molecules (in the form of water vapour). In this way, the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust gas is significantly reduced.


Why is it worth choosing a remanufactured DAF LF Euro 6 AdBlue pump from the Arcoore offer?


A regenerated AdBlue pump is less expensive than a new device, but its functional characteristics are restored to their original state. In addition, at Arcoore, after regeneration, we test each device for quality and functionality.
We carefully protect shipments against damage in transit.

If you have not found the AdBlue pump you are looking for or do not have the OE part number – nothing lost, contact us, we will find it for you.
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