New radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1781365

OE numbers:


Warranty – 12 months
Index Arcoore – AC010381365;



The deposit is a security for the return of the old part, the parts will be regenerated again. For the sake of your time, we give you the regenerated product. After the old part is complete, we will refund the entire deposit to your account number

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The offer includes a new radiator for the Scania R 08′ truck


Radiator OE numbers:


Numbers used by other manufacturers:


Use in vehicles:
Scania R;
Scania R 08′;
Scania P series;
Scania G series;
Scania R series;
Scania T series;
Scania R420;
Scania R620;
Scania G400;
Scania R400;
Scania R500;
Scania G480;
Scania R460;
Scania P270;
Scania R270;
Scania T;
Scania P;
Scania G;


Engine capacity:
8,800 ccm;
10,600 ccm;
11,700 ccm;
12700 ccm;
15600 ccm;
16300 ccm;


270 KM;
380 hp;
420 hp;
440 hp;
460 hp;
480 hp;
500 KM;
520 hp;
540 hp;
620 hp;


Very good quality replacement.
The product comes with a 12-month warranty, with no mileage limit

Radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1781365


Correct and safe operation of the machine for the engine is not possible without an efficiently operating radiator, whose task is to maintain the optimal operating temperature of the engine, regardless of its conditions and intensity. Convince yourself that if you need to replace the radiator for Scania R 08′, take advantage of the Arcoore offer.

Radiator Scania R 08′, OE 1781365 – specification


The offer includes a new radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1781365. The production technology and materials used fully correspond to what was used in the original OE parts. Therefore, you can be sure that the radiator you buy from Arcoore will guarantee full compatibility with the cooling system in Scania R 08′, OE 1781365, as well as the required quality and high durability, which is covered by the warranty.

Radiator for Scania R 08′, OE 1781365 – why is it worth using the Arcoore offer?


The new radiator for Scania R 08′ is a guarantee of fully efficient operation, enabling the normal use of the vehicle in all operating conditions. Before we send the cooler to you, we will carefully check its tightness and technical condition, and then secure it in a way that will prevent any damage during transport. You will receive from us a fully functional, highly durable and one hundred percent compatible with the cooling system radiator for Scania R 08′ truck.


If you have not found the radiator you are looking for or you do not have the OE part number – nothing is lost, please contact us, we will find it for you.

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