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The offer includes a new sensor of nitrogen oxides NOx for trucks DAF XF 106 Euro 6 from 2017. 12.9L




Fits models:
DAF XF 106


Sensor mounted in front of the catalytic converter
Sensor with ECU program
24 V power supply

High-quality replacement


To protect the environment against the emission of highly harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx), nitrogen oxides sensors are installed in exhaust gas recirculation systems. In the event of failure of these components, the engine not only emits toxic exhaust fumes, but also loses its smoothness and uses more fuel. Hence, Arcoore’s offer is full of NOx sensors for DAF XF 106 Euro 6. 12.9L engine. 2236408.

Why is the NOx sensor replacement necessary?


If your DAF XF 106 Euro 6. Engine 12.9L. 2236408 a nitrogen oxide sensor fault was detected, this will not only result in an incorrect reading of the content of these compounds in the exhaust gas and their emission into the atmosphere, but also increased fuel consumption and unstable engine operation. All because the controller, which receives incorrect information from the sensor, will supply the engine with a fuel-air mixture in the wrong proportions, as well as the wrong amount of Adblue.

How the DAF XF 106 Euro 6 sensor works. 12.9L engine. 2236408?


Nitrogen oxides sensor for DAF XF 106 Euro 6. Engine 12.9L. 2236408 constantly monitors the content of nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the exhaust gases and sends information to the engine controller, which then manages the operation of the engine, optimizing the composition of the fuel-air mixture or dosing the right amount of Adblue. As a result, the engine achieves optimal operation and low fuel consumption, and does not generate too much harmful substances for the environment and health.

What characterizes the NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. 12.9L engine. 2236408?


The NOx sensor available in our offer is a replacement that guarantees quality, durability and functionality, corresponding to the original parts of manufacturers. They are adapted for direct installation in the exhaust system upstream / downstream of the catalytic converter. Compatibility with the ECU system enables correct engine control, ensuring optimal fuel consumption and proper engine operation. NOx sensor DAF XF 106 Euro 6. 12.9L engine. 2236408 is powered by 24V.

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