New MAN TGX euro 6 oil cooler, OE 81325600084

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Warranty: 12 months
Arcoore index: AC020900084



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The offer includes a new MAN TGX euro 6 oil cooler


OE numbers:



What is an Oil Cooler?


The oil cooler is a key element of the cooling system in the MAN TGX Euro 6 vehicle. Its main task is to maintain the optimal temperature of the engine oil, which plays a key role in lubricating and protecting engine components. The oil cooler works on the principle of heat exchange, dissipating excess thermal energy from the oil to the air, which ensures stable engine operation even in difficult conditions.


Causes of Oil Cooler Damage


Although oil coolers are designed for efficiency and durability, they can fail for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are:


  • Contamination: Accumulation of dirt, deposits or other contaminants in the oil cooler can lead to restricted air flow, which in turn affects its cooling efficiency.


  • Vibrations and Shocks: Long-term operation of the vehicle in difficult conditions may cause vibrations and shocks, which contributes to mechanical wear of the oil cooler.


  • Corrosion: Prolonged contact with water or salt can lead to corrosion of the oil cooler, especially in areas with an increased risk of corrosion.


What are the symptoms of a damaged oil cooler in a MAN TGX vehicle?


A damaged oil cooler in a MAN TGX Euro 6 vehicle may manifest itself in various symptoms that are worth noting:


  • Rise in Engine Temperature: One of the most obvious symptoms is a sudden increase in engine temperature. A damaged oil cooler is unable to cool the oil effectively, which may lead to engine overheating.


  • Decreased Engine Performance: Insufficient oil cooling can affect engine performance, leading to loss of power and efficiency.


  • Oil on Radiator: If the oil cooler is damaged, oil may mix with the coolant. This is a symptom that requires immediate attention because it can lead to serious engine problems.


MAN TGX oil cooler from Arcoore


It is worth checking the condition of the oil cooler regularly and responding to any symptoms of damage. If replacement is necessary, we offer high-quality oil coolers, adapted to MAN TGX Euro 6 specifications, ensuring optimal cooling and reliability on the road.


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