NOx sensors for DAF vehicles

The vehicles of the Dutch brand DAF are eagerly chosen by many transport companies that base their fleet on trucks and buses of this manufacturer. Like other manufacturers, DAF also uses NOx sensors for nitrogen oxides in its vehicles, thanks to which it is possible to control the most toxic substances in the exhaust gases, as well as to pre-diagnose problems with the operation of the exhaust gas treatment system.


Function of NOx sensors in DAF vehicles

Thanks to the use of NOX sensors in trucks and DAF vehicles, it is possible to measure the concentration of harmful nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases (nitrogen oxide NO and nitrogen dioxide NO2). In addition, thanks to the measurements, it is possible to pre-diagnose problems with the exhaust gas treatment system, determine the need for its servicing, determine the need to replace damaged elements or refill the ad blue tank.
The DAF NOX sensor is not only intended to measure, but also to help maintain the proper operation of your DAF drive unit.


DAF trucks

The first DAF trucks appeared in 1949, when the economy, which was recovering after World War II, showed a need for vehicles for the transport of various types of goods. The first model that was created at that time was the DAF A30, which was successively improved in the following years.
DAF trucks began to be recognized internationally with the DAF 2600, while 1988 saw the DAF 95 Series, which won the brand’s first Truck of the Year title. Other awards for the manufacturer are:

  • 1998 – Truck of the Year title for the DAF 95XF
  • 2002 – Truck of the Year for DAF LF
  • 2007 – “International Truck of the Year” for the DAF 105XF

DAF was one of the first manufacturers to introduce turbo diesel trucks. It is also worth mentioning that the cars of this brand marked their presence in the legendary Dakar rally in the truck class – in 1987 Jan de Rooy won the general classification.


DAF truck series

The manufacturer has developed several series of trucks, adapted to the various needs of transport companies. Belong to them:

  • XF series – trucks designed for long-distance transport;
  • CF series – trucks for medium and long-distance transport;
  • LF series – trucks for city and regional distribution.

DAF buses

DAF buses became famous with the production of the MB200 bus, which uses a revolutionary body design with an engine located between the axles. 
DAF also means close cooperation with other global manufacturers of engines, components and buses. Today we know that DAF in cooperation with Cummins has created reliable solutions that are used by other manufacturers of trucks and buses. DAF is also cooperation with the Polish bus manufacturer Solaris.


DAF NOx sensors on offer from Acoore

Our company offers owners of vehicles and vehicle fleets NOx sensors for many models of DAF trucks and buses,Solaris buses or Cummins engine, which guarantee accurate measurements of harmful substances in the exhaust gases and help to ensure the correct operation of the drive units. An efficient DAF NOx sensor is an investment in the long life of your DAF truck and bus fleet.

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