Mercedes Truck EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculators (all models up to MP4)

As in other trucks, also in Mercedes vehicles, EGR exhaust gas recirculation devices are used, the function of which is to reduce harmful substances that are emitted into the atmosphere. We have already introduced information about the recirculators themselves quite thoroughly on our company’s offer pages, as well as in other entries on our blog, so in this post we will only focus on general information about this system, as well as on the Mercedes trucks themselves.


Operation and functions of Mercedes EGR recirculators

The function of the EGR exhaust gas cooler in Mercedes trucks is to reduce the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. These are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (CH).

  • Operation: An appropriate amount of exhaust gas is introduced into the combustion chamber, the presence of which in the combustion chamber causes chemical reactions, thanks to which less harmful substances are formed.
  • Faults: The recirculators fail mainly from a build-up of debris that overloads the EGR valve controls. They can also be caused by the fact that the materials are burned off by the exhaust fumes.
  • Care: Mercedes EGR valve failures can be prevented by using clean fuel and by regularly servicing the vehicle and cleaning the engine from deposits.
  • Symptoms of damage: Drop in engine power, uneven operation and difficult start, limited flow of exhaust gases to the intake system or lack of smoothness during acceleration.

Mercedes EGR valves on the Acoore

Our offer includes new and remanufactured Mercedes EGR recirculators. If you want to be guaranteed the compatibility of the EGR recirculator and individual components, such as O-rings, gaskets, screws or shell-and-tube coolers, buy a new or remanufactured part from Acoore. The EGR valves available from us exactly match the operation, size and shape of the original parts for individual vehicle models. We pack them carefully to avoid damage in transit.

About Mercedes trucks

Mercedes-Benz trucks of the MPR series, i.e. the popular Actros, have been produced since 1996. The brand of these vehicles is characterized by the fact that its subsequent versions feature innovative technological solutions that improve driving comfort and safety. At Acoore, Mercedes EGR recirculators are available for the following series vehicles:

  • MP1 (1996-2002) – including models with V6 engines and 16-speed manual or automatic transmission;
  • MP2 (2003-2006) – including models with V8 engines;
  • MP3 (2007-2011) – a model that received the title of International Truck of the Year 2009;
  • MP4 (2011-2019) – the newest Actros model, for which Acoore offers Mercedes EGR recirculators.

The sale includes new and remanufactured parts that match the quality and functionality of OEM parts. The attractive price will ensure the quality of the vehicle fleet without high costs for the company.

Arcoore offer

Arcoore has not only EGR modules for Mercedes Actros MP4 but also for other vehicles. The portfolio includes EGR valves, popular exhaust gas coolers for Scania R series and K series, N series, P series, G series and T series as well as for Scania Omnicity, Omnilink and Irizar. We also have EGR coolers for Volvo FH.

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