Irizar I8 – Sports team buses Real Madyt, Liverpool

A bit different, a series of information about the coaches of sports teams, those of the highest top such as Real Madrid or Manchester United, but also local teams: Śląsk Wrocław, Piast Gliwice or PGE Vive Kielce.
We hope that the series will be appreciated and at the same time will allow you to look at the sports aspect through a slightly different prism. We want for you, but also for ourselves, to check which buses will travel the most famous players from match to match. What companies provide coaches for sports teams, what is hidden under the proverbial “hood” and in what conditions you can travel. We would also like to give you a little closer to the estimated purchase cost of such a unit.

Irizar I8 coach bus – basic information

For the first of the series, we chose the Irizar I8 coach bus, used by players from Real Madrid, Liverpool or PGE Vive Kielce. It is the most luxurious coach model in the manufacturer’s offer. He was awarded the title of Coach of the year 2018.

The Irizar I8 coach is a high-decker tourist bus, produced by the Spanish manufacturer Irizar since 2016. Interestingly, it is built integrally or on chassis supplied by external manufacturers. Irizar invited to cooperate with such big cars as DAF or Scania when it comes to the range of engines or bodywork, as well as the Spanish company Hispacold, a leader in the HVAC systems industry or a leader in the gearbox systems industry, ZF.
The Irizar I8 is the successor to the popular Irizar PB, produced since 2001.
The Irizar I8 is available in four lengths:

  • 12.40 m
  • 13.22 m
  • 14.07 m
  • 14.98 m

The width for each version is identical and is 2.5 m, and the height is 3.98 m.
Of course, the available versions have an impact on the number of seats, if we are talking about the standard setting, Irizar provides from 51 to 67 seats plus 1 plus 1.


The engine of the Irizar I8 coach bus

The Irizar I8 is available with DAF MX-11 engines from 10.8 liters to 12.9 liters equipped with engines:

  • DAF MX-11 320
  • DAF MX-11 340
  • DAF MX-11 375

The engines are 6 cylinders inline, 4 valves per cylinder. Correspondingly, for the engines mentioned above, they provide maximum power from 320 kW (435 HP), 340 kW which gives 462 HP and 375 kW or as much as 510 HP.
Exhaust emission standard, in accordance with the latest Euro 6 guidelines.

Gearboxes in Irizar I8 coach buses

Gearboxes used in Irizar i8 coaches in integral bodywork by ZF to:

  • ZF Ecolife
  • ZF AS Tronic

These are 12-speed gearboxes with integrated ZF Power retarder for Ecolife and ZF Power intarder for AS Tronic with three-stage brake force adjustment.

Parts for Irizar I8 coach buses – Arcoore offer

In the offer of Arcoore for Irizar I8, but also its competitors, Mercedes, Iveco, Scania, VDL, Neoplan and also other coach brands such as Van Hool, MAN, Autosan, Solaris, you will find:

  • Radiators
  • Air coolers
  • EGR valves, EGR coolers
  • Nox nitrogen oxides sensors
  • Turbines

Irizar I8 coach buses – the highest quality

Irizar coaches are of the highest quality. The Irizar I8 has thought of everything for passengers and driver. For Iriizar, comfort and safety count.

The passenger space consists of large windows ensuring good visibility, individual light or air vents from the seats, three-point seat belts, an armrest and a footrest. There are also a folding table and LCD screens up to 22 inches.

The driver has a control panel of the audio-video system at his disposal, to which both the driver and the pilot have access. Good visibility is provided by a large windshield, heated exterior mirrors and a rear view camera. The air-suspended driver’s seat as well as the steering column and steering wheel – adjustable in three dimensions – allow you to find the optimal position behind the wheel. The coach is also equipped with satellite navigation. Security is ensured by numerous electronic systems, incl. driver fatigue detector.

The operational system has been minimized to a minimum and is controlled by a remote diagnostics system via SMS.

As previously mentioned, the Irizar I8 was chosen as the 2018 coach of the year and left other manufacturers and their units in the field:

  • Iveco Evadys
  • VDL Futura FDD-2
  • Neoplan Tourliner
  • Scania Interlink
  • Mercedes Tourismo.

The cost of the new Irizar i8 coach is around 350-400 thousand euro. The Irizar I8 coach is used by teams such as: Real Madrid, Liverpool, PGE Vice Kielce, Lech Poznan and Wisła Kraków.

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