How is the regeneration of EBS valves and why is it worth choosing remanufactured parts?

The braking system is one of the most important safety elements in any vehicle. With the development of automotive technology, more and more advanced braking systems, such as the Electronic Braking System (EBS), appear. What to do in the event of a failure of their key element, i.e. the EBS valve? In order to restore the entire system to full efficiency, and at the same time not to incur high costs, it is worth opting for regenerated EBS valves. Find out what EBS valve repair is all about and why it is worth choosing remanufactured parts.


What are EBS valves?


EBS valves, i.e. valves of the electronic braking system, are important elements of the braking system in cars. They play a key role in ensuring safety during braking. EBS valves are responsible for precise control of the braking force of each wheel individually, which allows for better control of the vehicle. Thanks to this system, the driver can effectively reduce speed, minimizing the risk of an accident.


How to recognize a malfunction of the EBS valves?


Diagnosing an EBS valve fault can be difficult because the symptoms are not always clear-cut. However, there are several symptoms that may indicate potential problems. Here are some of them:

  • irregular operation of the brakes – if you notice unstable brake performance, such as early or late brake application on individual wheels, this may indicate a fault with the EBS valves;
  • problems with the lights on the dashboard – if the brake related lights, such as ABS or EBS, come on frequently or do not work properly, it may indicate a problem with the EBS valves;
  • brake lights not working – a fault in the EBS valves can cause problems with the operation of the brake lights. If the brake lights do not react properly when braking, this may indicate a problem with the EBS valves.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be necessary to consult a mechanic who specializes in the repair of brake systems.


What are the causes of EBS valve failures?


EBS valve faults can have various causes. The most common of them are mechanical wear – everyday use of the vehicle and operation of the braking system lead to natural wear of the EBS valves. As a result, leaks, damage or seizures may occur that require reconditioning or repair. They also lead to EBS valve failures improper operating conditions. EBS valves can fail, for example, when exposed to high humidity, dust, dirt or extreme temperatures.

They can also be the cause electrical damage. Problems with the electrical components of the EBS valves, such as wires, contacts or sensors, can lead to their incorrect operation. This damage can be caused by corroded connections, mechanical damage or power problems.


How is the regeneration of EBS valves?


Regeneration of EBS valves is a process that allows you to restore their proper operation. Here are the steps typically taken when remanufacturing EBS valves:

  1. Diagnosis and removal: after making the diagnosis and determining that the fault is the EBS valve, this element is dismantled.
  2. Cleaning and repair:

    – If the problem with the EBS valve is due to dirt – EBS valves are thoroughly cleaned, removing dirt and deposits using appropriate cleaning agents or compressed air. Damaged or worn components, such as seals and coils, are replaced as necessary.

    – If the EBS valve is electrically damaged –  repair or replacement of specific valve components is carried out. This often requires soldering skills. You can repair damaged circuit board traces or replace damaged components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors.

  3. Assembly and assembly: after thorough cleaning and repair, the EBS valves are assembled and reassembled into the brake system.
  4. Testing and calibration: after assembly is completed, tests are carried out to ensure that the EBS valves function properly. If necessary, calibration is also performed to ensure optimal performance.

Why choose remanufactured EBS valves?


Regeneration of EBS valves brings a number of benefits to vehicle owners. Firstly, regeneration is a much cheaper solution than buying new valves. This can save you a significant amount of money while restoring full performance to your braking system.

Po drugie, regenerowane zawory EBS są ekologicznym wyborem. By repairing and remanufacturing existing components, the amount of waste and resources needed to produce new parts is reduced.

At last, remanufactured EBS valves are as reliable as new. A professional regeneration process restores their full functionality, ensuring precise control of the braking force and maximum safety on the road.


Regenerated EBS valves in the Arcoore offer


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