DAF NOx sensors – what is worth knowing about them?

DAF NOx sensors – what is worth knowing about them?


Nowadays, when caring for the natural environment has become a priority, manufacturers of trucks such as DAF are focusing on creating more and more advanced technological solutions. One of the key elements of these modern vehicles are NOx sensors, which play an important role in reducing emissions of harmful substances. In this article, we will take a closer look at DAF NOx sensors, their functions, failures and regeneration.


What are NOx sensors in DAF vehicles?


NOx sensors, i.e. nitrogen oxide sensors, are key elements of emission control systems in DAF vehicles. These advanced devices are designed to monitor the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by the engine during fuel combustion. Nitrogen oxides are one of the main harmful gases emitted by motor vehicles and have a negative impact on air quality and human health.

DAF NOx sensors are usually placed in the vehicle’s exhaust system and measure the concentration of nitrogen oxides that is emitted from the exhaust system. This data is then transmitted to the on-board computer, which can adjust engine operation to minimize NOx emissions. This solution allows you to meet exhaust emission standards and protect the environment.


What is the function of the DAF NOx sensor?


DAF NOx sensors perform several important functions:

  • Monitoring NOx emissions – the main task of these sensors is to monitor the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by the vehicle engine. This allows you to constantly monitor emission levels and adjust engine operation.
  • Engine operation optimization – based on data provided by the NOx sensor, the on-board computer can adjust engine operation in real time. This may mean changes to combustion parameters, such as fuel injection quantity and ignition timing, to reduce NOx emissions.
  • Meeting emission standards – thanks to the DAF NOx sensor, DAF vehicles can meet stringent exhaust emission standards, which is not only mandatory, but also important from the point of view of environmental protection.

The most common DAF NOx sensor failures?

Even though DAF NOx sensors are advanced devices, they can be subject to various failures. Below are the most common problems you may encounter.

  • Mechanical damage – NOx sensors are located in the exhaust system, which makes them vulnerable to mechanical damage, such as impacts or corrosion.
  • Contamination – NOx sensors may become contaminated, especially if the vehicle is operated in difficult conditions, for example in areas with high dust or moisture content.
  • Sensor Burnout – Over time, NOx sensors can burn out due to extreme operating conditions or prolonged use.


DAF NOx sensor faults – how to recognize them?

Diagnosing DAF NOx sensor faults can be difficult, but there are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Engine Error – If an engine error message or check engine light appears on your dashboard, it may indicate a problem with the NOx sensor.
  • Loss of power – a damaged NOx sensor may affect engine operation, which may result in a decrease in vehicle power.
  • Increased fuel consumption – incorrect operation of the NOx sensor may result in increased fuel consumption.
  • Abnormal exhaust emissions – If your vehicle does not meet exhaust emissions standards, this may indicate a problem with the NOx sensor.
  • If these symptoms occur, it is necessary to consult a mechanic or DAF service for thorough diagnosis and repair. As the above-mentioned faults are not specific and may also occur with other problems, the vehicle should be connected to a diagnostic device.


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